About Us

About Us
Connecting Skills Australia (CSA) is a not-for-profit charitable organisation focused on the integration of adults with a disability into the workforce and/or community. CSA recognises individual abilities and works with clients to achieve their goals.

CSA’s mission is to create integrated, accessible, sustainable and quality services, delivered via:

  • Employment Services
    CSA’s Supported Employees fulfil commercial contracts as work crew teams. Services offered include gardening, recycling, E waste disposal and vehicle cleaning.
  • Transition to Employment (TTE) Services
    Offering a wide range of training and development aimed at transitioning clients into the workforce, the TTE program places a strong emphasis on vocational development, life skills and community inclusion.
  • Individual and Group Support
    CSA’s Individual and Group Support models aim to enhance independence and maximise opportunity for individuals to participate in the community through training and activity-based learning.

CSA has approximately 350 clients/supported employees and 85 staff across 10 Victorian locations.

Connecting Skills Australia acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.