Client Services

Connecting Skills Australia’s (CSA) Client Services are designed to offer something for all abilities. From group support, personal care needs, individual tailored support through to workplace-ready training, CSA assists individuals to achieve their own goals, growing their confidence and forming friendships along the way.
Client Services are defined into 2 groups:

Transition to Employment (TTE) Services

Connecting Skills Australia’s Transition to Employment (TTE) program is designed for individuals who would like to build their confidence, social, independence and work-readiness skills.

The aim of the TTE program is to assist individuals to become independent members of their family and community whilst preparing them for the workplace.
TTE offers 3 streams from their bases in Frankston and Oakleigh:

  1. Work & Life Options
    Life and vocational skill training with the aim of transitioning individuals into the connect2work program. Training might include travel skills, informal education, work/volunteers experience and social skills. This is a specialist program offering intensive support.
  2. connect2work
    Offering exposure to real life work experiences combined with in-house training, connect2work prepares individuals to transition into an employment outcome. Clients can anticipate supported industry site training combined with skills training in areas such as IT, independent travel including “Learn to Drive” and communication and awareness. connect2work aims to develop individual’s self-confidence and employability skills.

Individual and Group Support Services

Individual Support and Choice

CSA recognises that every individual has their wants, needs and desires. The Individual Support and Choice option is available for those looking for a tailored and flexible service that meets their specific needs.

Support options are available 7 days a week and can include a combination of one on one and group support either at home or in the community. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Group Support Service

Operating from 3 Victorian sites – Frankston, Mornington and Wonthaggi – CSA’s Group Support Service is about developing life skills to increase independence. The service is available 5 days a week and learning is delivered both on site and through off site activities ranging from sensory development to kitchen skills, art classes and sporting activities to offer new experiences and challenges.

The CSA team would be delighted to discuss your individual needs and options with you, arrange a site visit or schedule a trial. Please call us on 1300 111 212.