CSA hit the headlines!

By reception on December 18th, 2014

Valued Support from CSA Volunteers

Employment Services Wonthaggi were recently recognised for their work by the Inverloch CFA. News article below:

THE Inverloch CFA thanked the volunteers from Connecting Skills Australia, formerly the Moonya site, on Thursday.

The volunteers help the Inverloch CFA and the Wonthaggi CFA every Thursday by cleaning the fire trucks, sweeping and mopping the floors an keeping the station clean.

Inverloch CFA Captain Allan Williamson said it’s great to have the Connecting Skills boys help out. “It takes a load off our guys and it lets us concentrate on training and the firefighting side of things,” he said. “To have the vehicles looked after the way they have by these lads has been overwhelming.” The group of volunteers have been helping out at the Inverloch Fire Brigade for the past three months and the weekly visits will be ongoing.

Allan said he can see the benefits of this program for the community. “I’d like to see the CFA take it on board and run with it state-wide, to give everybody a chance to prove themselves and benefit from it,” he said. “The brigade will benefit from it and so will the CFA, and it benefits the guys doing it. It provides the guys with the sense of belonging and builds their confidence and community spirit.”