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By Sophy Jennings on September 15th, 2015


Our days at Transpacific are always different. One day we could be doing tip ins the next unpacking 6 packs. We like the variety as it makes Trans fun to come to every day. It’s a hard day’s work unpacking food and beverage items that are out of use by date but it makes the day go quick though and gives us a sense of feeling like we are doing something worthwhile at the end of the day, as we can see what we have done and we feel physically tired.

We have to make sure we are wearing our PPE everyday. When we are unpacking glass product we have to wear face shields, and no matter what we always have to wear our eye protection, gloves and sleeves (arm protection).

We love that the Knox crew come out to Trans and we enjoy their company at morning tea and lunch break. Knox usually work across the road in the Bond Store unpacking out of date food stuffs while we stay and unpack the beverages. We have a great raptor with the staff and employees from Knox.

We work well out here at Trans and literally don’t stop all day except for morning tea and lunch. When we fill our bin or finish a pallet we help someone else with theirs until our bin or pallet has been replaced. We work as a team and we all get along very well.

Our productivity is so good some days that the Transpacific staff operating the forklifts are not able to keep up with us. We are all very proud of the work we do and how much product we can get through in a day. Overall the employee’s productivity has increased over the last 12 months and they should all be very proud of their achievements

As a Work Crew Supervisor we find that the enthusiasm, pride and passion our employees show toward their job is infectious, motivating and fantastic to see. Amazing job team, well done.

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Grounds Maintenance

The past 12 months at one of our Primary School sites has been very busy. The employees have worked hard week in week out. They have had the opportunity to undertake a lot of different tasks as well as the usual garden maintenance that is required every visit.

The crew members have earned their muscles by cutting down and clearing all of the Acacias that are not indigenous to the Mornington Peninsula from the school grounds. They have also cleared out, revamped and replanted most of the garden beds around the school.

The school community has acknowledged the employees hard work. The students have made signs for the gardens such as “Keep our gardens clean” and “Don’t ruin our new plants, keep to the paths”. The teachers walk past and tell the employees what a fantastic job they are doing and how good the school looks. It is great for the employees to hear and they take great pleasure in hearing it as well with massive smiles on their faces and a little more spring in their step. Each employee should be very proud of their achievements and efforts put into to maintaining and improving the school grounds as the school is looking fantastic.

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