Grounds Maintenance Solution – CSA can help!

By Sophy Jennings on July 20th, 2015

We currently provide a competitive, high quality, cost effective grounds maintenance solution for a  number of local businesses, schools and aged care facilities and we can do the same for your business or organisation.  All our work crews are supported by a Work Crew Supervisor with work being carried out either at your premises or ours.

Crews are transported to and from site by Connecting Skills Australia and our labour hire rates are inclusive of all associated employee costs such as superannuation, workcover, annual leave and sick leave.

The social benefits that come from utilising our services; for your business, our employees and the wider community are immeasurable.  The pride and enthusiasm our workers show for their employment is  something that is infectious and provides many positive benefits for the businesses and organisations we already service both within their own work force, their customer base and the general public.  We are  looking to expand our operations to offer an even greater range of employment opportunities for not only our existing supported employees but to assist an even greater number of people with a disability/disadvantage to access work opportunities in their community.

If you are considering changing your current grounds maintenance contractor, engaging one for the first time, or if you know of a business or organisation that is looking to outsource some of their workload then we are happy to discuss your needs, provide additional information about our services or provide a quote so you too can enjoy the many social benefits of working with our employees.  Please contact our Head Office on 1300 111 212 and we will be more than happy to provide further information on the services we offer.



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